Politicas ph.d.-serie

Ph.d.-afhandlingerne på denne side er forfattet af forskere fra Institut for Statskundskab ved Aarhus Universitet. De seneste afhandlinger er placeret øverst i menuen.

Simon Fuglsang | To Love Life Is to Love Science | June 2024

Lucilla Federica Losi | Hidden Engagements: Exploring Europeans’ Public (Dis)Engagement with Science | April 2024

Nanna Vestergaard Ahrensberg | Nurturing Language to Support Immigrant Families | April 2024

Aske Kragh Cryer | Keep Moving Forward: Class Differentials in Social Status from the Perspective of Adolescents | April 2024

Andreas Videbæk Jensen | Education and Voting: Explaining Differences in Electoral Participation | March 2024

Edoardo Alberto Viganò | Geographical Representation in Parliament: Electoral Incentives and Party Control | February 2024

Simone Sommer Degn | Discrimination of the People, by the People, against the People: Exploring Ordinary Usage and Individual Anti-Discrimination Duties | December 2023

Kristian Vrede Skaaning Frederiksen | Support and Opposition to Undemocratic Politicians | December 2023

Anders Barslund Grøn | Will Teamwork Make the Dream Work? Investigating Transversal Collaboration in Public Service Delivery | November 2023

Karoline Kolstad Larsen | Public Organizations under Pressure: Impact on Dysfunctional Patterns in Service Delivery | November 2023

Jørgen Skovhus Haunstrup | Leadership Training and Leadership Tools in Public Organizations | November 2023

Jake Lehrle-Fry | The Problem(s) with Friends and Family | November 2023

Kirstine Karmsteen | Mastering the alienating forces of street-level bureaucracy: A relational account of practices creating meaningfulness in the Danish child welfare services | October 2023

Matias Engdal Christensen | Reconsidering Material Self-Interest in Welfare State Preferences: The Psychology of Everyday Economic Context | August 2023

Peter Busch Nicolaisen | Sea change or still water? A triadic analysis of ideal roles, the relevance of science and experience, and quality assurance in the public climate debate | June 2023

Lasse Egendal Leipziger | Democracy and Ethnic Inequality: Examining a Two-Way Relationship | May 2023

Mathias Kruse | The Promise and Peril of Interethnic Contact in the Everyday Setting | May 2023

Jesper Rasmussen | Addressing Online Political Hostility | May 2023

Rasmus Jensen Schjødt | Implications of active labour market politics for wellbeing: The case of young unemployed people in Denmark | April 2023

Aske Halling | Administrative Burdens: How Are They Implemented at the Frontline, and Who Supports Them? | March 2023

Laurits Florang Aarslew | Competing and Cheating: The Consequences of Electoral Malpractice for Public Opinion | March 2023

Mathias Bukh Vestergaard | Competing on Credibility: How Political Parties Strategically Use Policy Commitments in Their Public Communication | February 2023

Valentin Daur | Legitimize or Delegitimize? Mainstream Party Strategies towards Challenger Parties and How Voters Respond | January 2023

Filip Kiil | Feel-good Fallacies: Do Voters Engage in Motivated Political Reasoning to Regulate Their Emotions? | January 2023

Dino Krause | Expansion or Failure? Patterns of Transnational Jihadist Conflict | December 2022

Anders Gammelholm Wieland | The Historical Processes of Colonization and State Development | November 2022

Niels Nyholt | Politics in My Backyard: People’s Reactions to Changes in Local Political Priorities | November 2022

Mathias Rask Østergaard-Nielsen | Uncertainty and Influence: Involving Frontline Professionals in Organizational Decision-Making | November 2022

Tobias Risse | External Threats, Internal Threats, and State Support for Arms Control | September 2022

Matilde Jeppesen | Semi-Successful? Semi-Autonomous Revenue Authorities in Sub-Saharan Africa | September 2022

Anne Kirstine Rønn | The Struggle of Unifying a People in Fragments: Challenges to Intersectional Solidarity in the 2019 Lebanese October Uprising | September 2022

Danielle May | Public Opinion on State Party Funding | June 2022

Jens Jørund Tyssedal | Meaningful Work in Community: Essays on Good Work and Just Work | May 2022

Clara Siboni Lund | Professional Development Leadership in Public Organizations | May 2022

Anne-Sofie Greisen Højlund | Why (not) paternalism? Perspectives from relational egalitarianism | April 2022

Emily Rose Tangsgaard | Risk Management in Public Service Delivery | April 2022

Tobias Bach-Varneskov | The Right Politics of Income Taxation | March 2022

Sarah Yde Junge | Administrative Grouping in Public Service Agencies | March 2022

Steffen Selmer Andersen | When Policy Illegitimacy Provides Cause for Acceptance of Political Violence: Experimental Evidence from Denmark | February 2022

Lisa Hirsch | Raining on Your Parade: Negative Party Communication in Election Campaigns and Beyond | January 2022

Didde Boisen Andersen | My Body To Do With As I See Fit? | December 2021

Amalie Trangbæk | Life at the top: Understanding top bureaucrats’ roles as the link between politics and administration | December 2021

Henrik Lauritsen | Saudi Arabia and Iran: Rivalry and Regime Security in the Persian Gulf, 1979-2011 | December 2021

Emil Bargmann Madsen | Powerful Priorities or Inbuilt Incentives? The Impact of Competitive Research Funding on the Supply of Science | December 2021

Johan Gøtzsche-Astrup | The Experience of Contention: Tackling the Boundary Between Protests and Riots | December 2021

Stefan Boye | Managerial Autonomy in Public Organisations | November 2021

Frederik Godt Hansen | Trust in Governmental Institutions: How Government Performance Matters | November 2021

Thomas Kjeldager Ryan | The Production and Public Dissemination of Scientific Knowledge in University-Industry Projects | September 2021

Lasse Schmidt Hansen | “That’s the System”: An Ethnographic and Theoretical Account of Bureaucratic Decoupling in Welfare Encounters | September 2021

Lauritz Aastrup Munch | Don’t Look: Essays on the Morality of Privacy | June 2021

Nikolaj Kærslund Andersen | The Road to Empire? Assessing the Emergence of a China-Centric Geoeconomic Order | June 2021    

Marie Kaldahl Nielsen | Personalization of Representation: A New Relationship between Legislators and Political Parties? | May 2021    

Trine Høj Fjendbo | Who Do You Lead? The Importance of Employee Gender and Traits in a Leadership Context | January 2021    

Vilde Lunnan Djuve | Regime Transitions Revisited: Concepts, Correlates, and Incumbent-led Processes | January 2021    

Thomas Artmann Kristensen | The Politics of Numbers: How Problem Indicators and Party Competition Influence Political Attention | December 2020

Andreas Bengtson | Who Should Decide? An Inquiry in Democratic Theory | December 2020

K. Jonathan Klüser | Beyond Portfolios: Bureaucratic Issue Attention in Coalition Governments | December 2020

Matilde Tofte Thorsen | Only In It for Power and Wealth? Investigating Dictators’ Motives | November 2020

Alexander Taaning Grundholm | Dilemmas of Dictatorial Rule: The Inherent Trade-Offs of Autocratic Survival Strategies | November 2020

Jonathan Doucette | The Roots of Urban Self-Government | November 2020

Mikkel J. Hjelt | The Radical Milieu: A Socio-Ecological Analysis of Salafist Radicalization in Aarhus, 2007-17 | October 2020    

Arzoo Rafiqi | Can Muslims be Democratic? Empirical Evidence on the Influence of Muslim Religiosity on Support for Democracy | October 2020    

Ea Høg Utoft | Motivation, organisational gender equality work and the postfeminist gender regime: A feminist approach | May 2020    

Mette Bisgaard | Who Works the System? Investigating Gender Differences in Client Behavior in Child Visitation Disputes | March 2020    

Andreas Kjær Stage | Universities are more than just their professors: Understanding organizational transformation through staff changes | February 2020    

Frederik Juhl Jørgensen | How to Develop Policies that Foster Refugee Integration and Are Supported by Voters | February 2020    

Maiken Gelardi | From Old White Men to What? Critical Reflections on the Mission to Globalize International Relations | November 2019    

Niels Bjørn Grund Petersen | Performance Information on the Front Line: A Behavioral Approach | November 2019    

Ane Karoline Bak | When the fiscal social contract is not about tax: Understanding the limited role of taxation in social accountability in Senegal | November 2019    

Viki Møller Lyngby Pedersen | The imprudence trilemma: Sufficiency, non-paternalism, and cost-sensitivity | November 2019    

Oluf Gøtzsche-Astrup | Situation and Disposition: Who Radicalizes and How? | October 2019    

Anne Pintz | Parliamentary Control of EU International Treaty-Making: Partisan Perspectives | September 2019

Nicolas Burmester | International Organizations as Actors and Arenas in International Politics | August 2019

Fenja Søndergaard Møller | Does legitimacy matter for intrastate armed conflict? | June 2019    

Søren Kølbæk Larsen | Managing complexity: Heuristics use in public budgeting | May 2019    

Sadi Shanaah | Under pressure: Muslims’ engagement in counter-extremism | May 2019

Mikkel Sejersen | Severing the lifelines of tyranny: How individually targeted sanctions can decrease public, elite, and international support for autocratic regimes | April 2019    

Alva Albæk Nielsen | How does informal and formal social control affect law violations? | April 2019    

Jonas Gejl Pedersen | The Russian Quest for Ontological Security: An Inquiry into the Reconstruction and Translation of the “Russian Self” in Relation to the Military Intervention in the Kosovo and Ukraine Crises | March 2019

Casper Sakstrup | Third-Party Involvement in Civil War: Causes and Consequences | March 2019

Rasmus Skytte | Why Politicians Seem So Rude and How It Affects Citizens | January 2019    

Rachel Beach | The Hunt for Revenues in a Poor State | December 2018

Morten Pettersson | Identity in Political Opinion Formation: How Information Shapes the Influence of Citizens’ Identities on Political Opinions | December 2018

Philipp Pechmann | Architectural Policy Design: How Policy Makers Try to Shape Policy Feedback Effects When Designing Policies | November 2018    

Julian Christensen | Let’s look at the facts: An investigation of psychological biases in policymakers’ interpretation of policy-relevant information | November 2018    

Hallbera West | MP Firefighting: When do MPs hold government accountable? | November 2018    

Louise Ladegaard Bro | Leadership, Motivation and Span of Control | October 2018

Suthan Krishnarajan | Economic Crisis and Regime Breakdown: A Conditional Relationship | October 2018

Miriam Lindner |Of Friends and Foes: How Human Coalitional Psychology Shapes Public Reactions to Terrorism | October 2018    

Jasper Schwampe | Muslim Foreign Fighters in Armed Conflicts | October 2018

Alexander Bor | Intention and Competence Impressions in Political Leader Evaluations | October 2018

Dorte Henriksen | Research Collaboration and Co-authorship in the Social Sciences | August 2018

Mads Thau | The Use and Consequences of Group-Based Appeals | June 2018    

Mathilde Cecchini | The Healthy Child and the Child at Risk: The Formation and Transformation of Health, Risk and Non-risk Identities in the Encounter between Policy, Teachers and Pupils | June 2018    

Kristina Jessen Hansen | Perceptions of Rich and Poor People’s Efforts and Public Opinion about
Economic Redistribution | June 2018

Jakob Majlund Holm | Performance Management in the Public Sector: Untying a Gordian Knot | May 2018

Thorbjørn Sejr Guul | Social Categories in the Public Sector: When They Are Applied and How to Reduce Discriminatory Use | March 2018    

Kristina Bakkær Simonsen | Do They Belong? Host National Boundary Drawing and Immigrants’ Identificational Integration | December 2017

Mathias Osmundsen | Negativity and Public Opinion: Limits and Consequences of the Negativity Bias in Politics | November 2017    

Jonas Kraft | The Politics of Investment: How Policy Structure Shapes Political Priorities | November 2017

Roman Senninger | Political Parties & Parliamentary EU Oversight | June 2017

Tine Ravn | Strategies for Life: Lived realities of solo motherhood, kinship and medically assisted reproduction | April 2017

Jens Thaysen Damgaard | On the Liberty of Scoundrels: Wrongfulness and the Justifiability of Criminalization | February 2017 

David Delfs Erbo Andersen | Stateness and Democratic Stability | February 2017

Åsne Kalland Aarstad | Public/Private, Global/Local, and Land/Sea: International Relations and the Study of In-Betweenness | November 2016

Camilla Bjarnøe | Evolution in Frames: Framing and Reframing of Policy Questions | November 2016

Martin Bisgaard | Perceiving the Unobservable: How Partisanship and Everyday Life Influence Citizens' Perceptions of the National Economy | September 2016 

Maria-Louise Clausen | State-building in Fragile States: Strategies of Embedment | September 2016

Camilla Denager Staniok | Work Commitment in Public Organizations | July 2016

Morten Hjortskov Larsen | Citizen Satisfaction: Political Voice and Cognitive Biases | June 2016 

Magnus Rasmussen | How Organized Labor Shaped the Origin and Structure of the Regulatory Revolution 1870-2000 | June 2016 

Marie Kjærgaard | Politics and Intergovernmental Grants | June 2016 

Ulrik Thy Jensen | Causes and Consequences of Public Service Motivation: Governance Interventions and Performance Implications | June 2016   

Lasse Lykke Rørbæk | Escalating Ethnic Conflict: From Political Exclusion to Civil War | June 2016

Troels Bøggild | Procedural Fairness and Public Opinion | May 2015

Kristian Kriegbaum Jensen | Scandinavian Immigrant Integration Politics: Varieties of the Civic Turn | May 2016

Maria Falk Mikkelsen | Effects of Managers on Public Service Performance | Januar 2016

Ekatherina Zhukova | Whose Responsibility? Chernobyl as Trauma Management in Belarus and Ukraine | December 2015    

Ulrik Hvidman | Performance measurement in the public sector: Impacts on public performance and citizens’ perceptions | November 2015

Helene Marie Fisker | Studies on the Development of Interest Group Populations in Corporative Systems | Oktober 2015

Mogens Jin Pedersen | Capitalizing on the Forces within Us: Public Employee Motivation and Commitment at Work | August 2015

Heidi Skovgaard Pedersen | Empirical Essays on the Labor Market Outcomes of PhD Graduates | August 2015

Mette Kjærgaard Thomsen | How do different types of public initiatives influence citizen coproduction? | Juni 2015

Mathias Wullum Nielsen | New and Persistent Gender Equality Challenges in Academia | Juni 2015

Merete Bech Seeberg | The Power to Control. How State Capacity and Economic Control Condition the Effect of Authoritarian Elections on Regime Stability | Maj 2015

Kim Sass Mikkelsen | Getting to Denmark, More or Less. Politics, Bureaucracy and Corruption Success Stories in East Central Europe | Maj 2015

Andreas Albertsen |Prioritizing by the Roadside, at Bedside and in Health Policies: Luck Egalitarianism and the Role of Social and Personal Responsibility in Health | December 2014

Lasse Laustsen | Choosing the Right Candidate: How the Evolved Mind Votes in Modern Elections | Oktober 2014

Lise Degn | Making Sense of University Ideas. Exploring How Ideas Influence Management Practice and Perceptions in Danish Universities | August 2014

David V. Axelsen | Global Redistributive Obligations in the Face of Severe Poverty | Maj 2014

Sanne Haase | Professional Identity and Role of the Engineer in a Challenged Society. Empirical Investigation of Engineering Student Conceptions | April 2014

Line Gissel | Judicialising Peace. The International Criminal Court’s Impact on Political Settlements in Kenya and Uganda | Februar 2014

Michael Aagaard Seeberg | Democracy Against the Odds | Februar 2014

Henrikas Bartusevicius | The Inequality–Conflict Nexus Re-Examined | December 2013

Elias Götz | Russia's Quest for Regional Hegemony | December 2013

Henrik Seeberg | The Power of the Loser: Opposition Policy Influence through Agenda-Setting | November 2013

Poul Aaes Nielsen | Performance Information in Politics and Public Management: Impacts on Decision Making and Performance | November 2013

Lasse Nielsen | Kapabiliteter, sundhed og retfærdighed | Oktober 2013

Rikke Fuglsang Olsen | Invisible Consequences of Punishment: Parental Imprisonment and Child Outcomes | Juni 2013

Johannes Engers Gregersen | Politik og økonomi på det eksterne kvasimarked | Januar 2013

Henrik Jepsen | ”Nothing is Agreed until Everything Is Agreed”. Issue Linkage in the International Climate Change Negotiations | Januar 2013

Florian Langbehn | Can Asian Tigers Be Transferred to the African Savannah? Exploring the Consequences and Origins of State Capacity in the Developing World | Januar 2013

Anne Mette Kjeldsen | Dynamics of Public Service Motivation | November 2012

Christian Bøtcher Jacobsen | Management Interventions and Motivation Crowding Effects in Public Service Provision | Juni 2012

Line Renate Gustafsson | What Did You Learn in School Today? How Ideas Mattered for Policy Changes in Danish and Swedish Schools 1990-2011 | Maj 2012

Anne Heeager | Kommuner som interessevaretagere. Et studie af danske kommuners brug af alliance i den regionale interessevaretagelse | Maj 2012

Jakob Tolstrup | External Actors and Democratization. Russia and the EU Competing for Influence in Moldova, Ukraine, and Belarus 1991-2010 | Marts 2012

Yonatan Schvartzman | Metastyring af markedsudvikling: Policystrategier og netværkskoordinering i udvikling af nye markeder. Et komparativt studie af udviklingen af det danske og det svenske økologimarked | Marts 2012

Else Marie Holm | Emotions as Mediators of Framing Effects | Januar 2012

Ingvild Olsen | Council working groups: Advisors or de facto decision makers? | November 2011

Gunnar Thesen | Attack and Defend! Explaining Party Responses to News | November 2011

Johanne Grøndahl Glavind | Can Great Powers Change Fundamental Norms? A Theoretical and Empirical Assessment of the Strength of Fundamental Norms in post-2001 International Society | November 2011

Rasmus Sommer Hansen | Lige ressourcer under ideelle og ikke-ideelle omstændigheder | September 2011

Morten Jacobsen | Organisatorisk support og samproduktion. Et eksperimentelt studie af styringsstrategier i den offentlige sektor | August 2011

Christoph Arndt | The Electoral Consequences of Third Way Welfare State Reforms. Social Democracy’s Transformation and Its Political Costs | June 2011

Flemming Svith | Nyhedsjournalistik – bedre end sit rygte? Et sociologisk og diskursanalytisk studium af forklarende journalistik i danske aviser gennem 40 år | Maj 2011

Nina Dadalauri | Tax Policy Formation and the Transnationalization of the Public Policy Arena. A Case Study of Georgia | April 2011

Peter Thisted Dinesen | When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do? An Analysis of the Acculturation of Generalized Trust of non-Western Immigrants in Western Europe | Januar 2011

Lene Aarøe | Group Rhetoric and Public Opinion | December 2010

Martin Bækgaard | Udvalgsmedlemskab, organisering og præferencer: Analyser af sektorisering i danske kommuner – en sammenfatning | November 2010

Marianne S. Ulriksen | Politics, Policy, and Poverty in Botswana, Mauritius, and other developing countries | Marts 2010

Stian Skaar Ludvigsen | Post-mortem of the VP-function? Meta-regression analyses of economic voting in the United Kingdom – an anthology | Februar 2010

Thomas Frank | Struktur, magt og legitimitet. En analyse af, hvorfor og hvordan Kodeks for God Offentlig Topledelse anvendes af danske og hollandske topembedsmænd | December 2009

Morten Brænder | Justifying the Ultimate Sacrifice. Civil and Military Religion in Frontline Blogs | December 2009

Marie Østergaard Møller | Solidarity and Categorization: Solidarity Perceptions and Categorization Practices among Danish Social Workers | November 2009

Carsten Jensen | The Politics of Welfare Services | Oktober 2009

Steen Juul Hansen | Bureaukrati, faglige metoder eller tommelfingerregler. Institutionelt pres og strategiske valg på døgninstitutioner, daginstitutioner og folkeskoler | Januar 2009

Flemming Juul Christiansen | Politiske forlig i Folketinget | November 2008

Jesper Wittrup | Economic Approaches to Institutional Design: The Case of Judicial Administration | December 2008

Kim Mannemar Sønderskov | Making Cooperation Work: Generalized Social Trust and Large-N Collective Action | September 2008

Morten Valbjørn | A ‘Baedeker’ to IR’s Cultural Journey Before, During and After the Cultural Turn – Explorations into the (Ir)Relevance of Cultural Diversity, the IR/Area Studies Nexus and Politics In An (Un)Exceptional Middle East | June 2008

Rune Slothuus | How Elites Influence Public Opinion. Psychological and Contextual Conditions of Framing Effects | June 2008

Michael Bang Petersen | Straf eller rehabilitering? Et studie i evolutionspsykologi, følelser og politisk holdningsdannelse | September 2007

Lene Mosegaard Søbjerg | UN Trusteeships. A Tool of Order and Solidarity in Contemporary International Society | Marts 2007

Mads Leth Felsager Jakobsen | Når usikkerheden er størst ... En analyse af idéer, EU-krav og globaliseringens betydning for liberaliseringsprocesserne i de danske sektorer for telekommunikation og elektricitetsforsyning | Februar 2007

Peter Bjerre Mortensen | The Impact of Public Opinion on Public Policy: A Study of Why, When, and How Agenda Setting Matters | December 2006

Anne Skorkjær Binderkrantz | Magtens midler. Danske interesseorganisationer og deres indflydelsesstrategier | December 2005

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