Lene Mosegaard Søbjerg

UN Trusteeships. A Tool of Order and Solidarity in Contemporary International Society

Enhancing peacebuilding in post-conflict societies is an objective of contemporary international society. The present book summarises a Ph.D. project which explores the use of contemporary UN trusteeships as a tool of order and peacebuilding. It takes a solidaristic approach based on English School theory to the study of trusteeships. The thesis argues that although there are considerable dilemmas connected to the establishment of contemporary trusteeships, their existence is legitimate due to international society’s need and willingness to engage in the peacebuilding of war-torn societies. Conducting a successful trusteeship is not an easy task, and a trusteeship should not be undertaken without careful consideration. However, contemporary trusteeships deserve to be accepted as a useful institution in the peacebuilding efforts of contemporary international society.

Udgivet marts 2007

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