Maria-Louise Clausen

State-building in Fragile States: Strategies of Embedment

This book investigates what shapes processes of state-building in so-called fragile states. It argues that the widespread use of the fragile state concept is facilitated by the concept’s ambiguous character and lack of universally agreed on meaning. Yet, being designated as a fragile state has consequences. Specifically, this book argues that the growing focus on state-building can be seen as following from the identification of state fragility as a major international problem.

The key part of the dissertation studies external state-building interventions in these so-called fragile states. A model of factors that shape state-building interventions is constructed, with focus on especially internal actors. The model shows that the strategies internal actors can apply in reaction to external interventions depend on their power position and resources as well as external actors’ strategies towards them. The centerpiece of the dissertation is an in-depth empirical analysis of external interventions in Yemen. Based on fieldwork in Yemen in 2013 and 2014, the dissertation shows how the Yemeni regime has applied different strategies to embed external interventions into the Yemeni context with varying consequences for the Yemeni state.

The book will be of special interest to those interested in state-building, fragile states and Yemen.


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